Programme 2019

The 1st International Workshop on HCI Challenges in Human Movement Analysis will take place preceding the INTERACT 2019 Conference (Paphos, Cyprus).

Date: 2nd September 2019
Time: 9 am – 4.30 pm
Location: Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, Paphos, Cyprus
More details about the venue at the main conference website.
The registration is now open at the conference website.

Pre-workshop plan

Participants are invited to submit a paper with an emphasis on technology and how it is used in human movement recognition. We ask participants to submit papers following the instructions presented in the call for participation, which also includes the evaluation criteria. Position papers will be reviewed by at least two organisers.

Prior to the workshop, authors of accepted position papers will be invited to provide a short biography to be

  • complete or confirm the information of an identity card summarizing their contribution to the workshop activities

Workshop structure

The activities for the one-day workshop are planned as follows:

  1. Introduction (20 min)
    • A brief presentation of the structure and goals of the workshop
  2. Short presentation from participants (3 min/paper, 1h 40min) highlighting:
    • The main purposes and application of their current work
    • The challenges they face in terms of machine processing
    • The challenges they face as regards human movements
  3. Group activity 1 (1h30min)
    • In this session, participants will be divided into groups to brainstorm the main difficulties they face in terms of
      • technical limitations (i.e. physical, material, noise, source of errors, etc.)
      • technical specifications (accuracy, ergonomics, feedback, etc.)
  4. Group activity 2 (1h30min)
    • Define key challenges and priorities to be overcome in machine processing to allow better assessment of human movement.
    • List the requirements for accuracy and validation according to the different applications and human factors
  5. Wrap-up session (1 hour)
    • Summarize the main outcomes of the workshop:
      • Define topics for a second workshop
      • Establish a working plan for publications and other perspectives
      • Define concrete goals and an agenda of future activities

Post-workshop plan

At the conference

Organisers will create a poster from the accepted position papers. Additionally, as a report to the conference, organisers will generate a map or table showing existing applications and areas to be further explored.

After the conference

We expect the results of the workshop will evolve into a white paper, as a handbook with good practices helping people to understand the potential of Human Movement Analysis for improving HCI. Authors of accepted papers will be invited to submit an extended version of their work for a book proposal covering this workshop theme, to appear for example in the HCI series of Springer (extenal link) or SpringerBrief  (external link) in Human-Computer Interaction.

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