IEEE ICHI2020 – Tutorial

The next event of the series HCI Challenges in Human movement analysis takes place on the virtual International Conference in Health Informatics.

Introduction to motion capture and applications for health

Lilian Genaro Motti Ader¹, Alison Keogh¹, Killian McManus¹, Barry R. Greene² and Brian Caulfield¹ | ¹University College Dublin and ² Kinesis Health Technologies Ltd.

This tutorial presents an overview of the process of human movement analysis, from data capture to analysis and interpretation, for health-related applications. Key concepts will be presented including principles of human anatomy and biomechanics, a state-of-the-art on technologies for motion data acquisition (e.g. body-worn sensors, optical motion capture), and practical examples of data analysis for human movement. The material and activities are designed to provide participants with a broad knowledge of the potential health-related applications of human movement analysis, including assessment, diagnosis, therapeutic interventions, ergonomic evaluations and reference data. Participants will have general guidance on the design of research protocols, challenges to address and human factors to be considered.

Attendance is free, registration required. Please register here:

Date: 3rd December 2020 – 16h CET – Duration: 2 hours

Tentative schedule:

  • Introduction (5’)
  • Round table (10-20’)
  • Human body and motion (20’)
  • Technologies for motion data capture (20’)
  • Overview of data treatment and analysis (40’)
  • Challenges to address (and pitfalls to avoid) (20’)
  • Wrap-up (5’)
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